• ✈Come Fly With Me…..✈✈✈ A Note on the Value of Using a Travel Agent ✈ •

At Windsor Crown Travel, my motto echoes Albert Einstein; Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value.  – A.E.

Service- This is “MY” Service: I want to be of Value to you and your friends. As your Travel Agent, I strive to provide personal attention that an online travel booking engine or calling the cruise line or Resort directly just can’t give you. Always available to discuss and research your interests and desires for your dream vacation whether it is a cruise or all inclusive resort.

Service is paramount. We will be there from the beginning of our research to the time you return.  And best of all, we’re only a phone call away while you are on Holiday should any issue arise!

Here is just one example; At around 10 am one Tuesday morning, my phone rang. As I looked at the name & number, my heart just sank. It was a client who was on a cruise. I couldn’t pick the phone up fast enough! I know all my clients, we have a rapport, and many become friends. MY clients were booked in a Junior Suite. This is how the phone call went,”Hey Stace… we’re having a fabulous time at sea, but hey,
let me ask you, shouldnt we have a toilet? Well, my jaw dropped! Oh boy. What is going on? We had to get read for formal night and run down to public bathrooms to use the toilet. This has been going on for 3 days now. My first question, “Did you call guest services and did they come up to investigate what was going on?” They did call guest services, and they did see workers near their cabin in the hallway, but that was it. NOT ACCEPTABLE. This is how the issue progressed. I advised them to go back to Guest Services and to request to speak w/ the Hotel director, while I made phone calls from my end. Because of my experience I know the who to call at the cruise lines. As a consumer, you wouldn’t know who to reach on land, plus you wouldn’t want to be spending your time calling ship to shore! Before they knew it, guest services was calling my client. They left a message in their cabin, as my clients were at the pool. There was no toilet issue on day 1 when they boarded. This began to be an issue on Day two- it would work intermittently, of course when they needed it to, it failed. Not Good! In the middle of the night, it flushed by itself. Not Good. By the end of day 3 after they phoned me in the morning, their problem was rectified. As an aside folks, please do NOT put anything that does not belong in a toilet, in a toilet! This can clog an entire row of cabins. The Hotel Director really couldn’t do enough for my clients to make them happy. That is only ONE story, and one reason to use a well seasoned travel agent like me.

Because we are a Boutique Cruise Agency you can rest assured we will work with you and dedicate the time you deserve to plan your holiday away. We specialize in tailor-made, personalized cruise holidays. We can assist you with planning your excursion details as well. We will not just book and forget about you. We provide as much contact as you wish.

Online cruise booking sites can be cumbersome and lack personality- and they can also be confusing if you don’t know what is included in the “advertised” cruise fare. There could be, and most likely there will be additional fees.

Time Management- More and more people are busy and truly welcome a professional in Travel to help them research their dream vacation. We have access to vendors, web sites and promotions that the consumer does not, and there is no cost to you.

About Cruise Fares: The Cruise lines set the cruise price. Travel Agents Do Not. A Travel Agent can offer you dinner at an on board Specialty Restaurant or On Board Credits to spend while on board (plus priority boarding, soda package, cabin upgrades). [Agents cannot offer you cash rebates or discounts from the cruise lines advertised price] http://www.travelmarketreport.com/leisure?articleID=5905&LP=1

Travel prices vary season to season. A Holiday Cruise in December on board a mainstream cruise ship will cost you significantly more than one in September or January. Be certain your Travel Consultant has cruised and is not merely “taking your order”. You usually get what you pay for too. Meaning, if you chose to book with an online outlet, you will most likely not receive service. This does work for some, and does not work for others.

About Travel “Price Quotes”: Quotes are typically for a 24 hr period. Resort, All-Inclusive and package prices change by the supplier. If we quote you a price today, it might not be the same in a day or two.

Some Questions To Ask Yourself -[so we can better research your Vacation Holiday]-What are you most memorable trips to date?

-What experience are you looking for in this trip?

-What research have you already done?

-What your budget is.

-You might want to think about what is on your “must see” travel list.

We are here for you.

UPDATE! It is March 2018, and BIG THINGS ARE COMING IN APRIL! To find out more, JUST ASK ME!