Celebrity Cruise Line Update to Concierge Class Amenities

More Reasons to LOVE Celebrity Cruise Line & Modern Luxury! Concierge Class accommodations has enhanced some amenities.  Priority debarkation services have been enhanced to include an exclusive ConciergeClass pre-departure lounge with complimentary coffee and juices.   The list of services and amenities has been expanded to include more personalized service with hand-delivered, customized courtesy cards so guests are able to directly contact the Concierge at any time during the cruise for assistance with any requests they may have.


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Frantic Friend Friday!

Frantic Friend: Why is there only 6 interior cabins showing available on RCI’s web site for a March 2013 cruise I am looking to book?

CDNJ: you will not be able to see all cabin availability on the cruise lines sites.

Frantic Friend: But, I have been looking every day & the same cabins remain, why is there only 6 cabins showing?

CDNJ: I’m showing many more than you as a consumer can see, I will look for you.


CDNJ: There are many explanations, but let me look for you and put you out of your search-misery!

Frantic Friend: I need to do this research and give my boyfriend the deets, can you send us both whats available for the week we can cruise?

CDNJ: Of course! give me a day or two to look into the choices you gave me and I will email you and your boyfriend information on your next cruise!

CDNJ: **REMEMBER, cruise line quotes can change. Book early. We will honor all fare reductions. If you find one, call us and we will telephone the cruise line to ensure it is a valid reduction in your fare and have the cruise line adjust appropriately. the price we quote you is subject to change by the cruise line.

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We LOVE New Jersey

We LOVE New Jersey, but heads up to my potential clients looking to book my LOVED Explorer of the Seas out of Cape Liberty, Bayonne, NJ –  September 16th is the date that a Jersey Shore reality television cast member will be aboard Explorer. If you LOVE the Jersey Shore reality show, call me to book…If you dont want to be on board with a cast member, dont book this sail date.

Does History Repeat Itself?

A Little Birdie Told Me- Royal Caribbeans Enchantment of the Seas, scheduled to set sail today, February 18, 2012 has engine issues and will remain docked at Cruise Maryland while they await a team sent from Florida to assess the situation and repair the problem. At 6pm, delayed over an hour,Captain Gus announced that the next update from the bridge not to be expected until 7:30pm. And, the passengers wait. And, some no doubt are on the verge of irate.

History repeats itself. Or so they say. Exactly a year ago…2/19/11- Enchantment was significantly delayed due to nororious and an intensive decontamination kept Enchantment from leaving on time.

By nightfall we’re reading reports that a handful of passengers want to get off the ship because it has not left the port in Maryland.

UPDATE: Repairs were made and finally Enchantment makes her way, changed itinerary, but with mostly happy passengers. Hey, you’re on a beautiful cruise ship with good food, good cocktails and great entertainment as well!

Passengers were well compensated for the difficulties.