The Fashion Buzz on Cruisewear

Whats the Fashion Buzz about?

#NYFW (NY Fashion Week) is still trending, but now that NY Fashion Week is over, and FNO (Fashion Night Out) is behind us, is reporting.

Google “Dolce & Gabbana Tux”, the trends are heading back towards glamorous. Fancy.  Dressed up.

Talk on the streets is glitter, gold, glam. Lots of bold color and mod prints mixing it up. Lots of decoration and lots of baubles.  Add the belt and mix up the patterns. Everything your mother told you that you can not wear…….now YOU CAN.

How will this affect the ever changing and archaic to some, Formal Nights on board many cruise ships?

I don’t think it will have any effect. Those who like to get dressed up and show off their fancy-wear, still will. And, those who rather go laid-back will continue to do just that.

Oh the controversy! And, yes there will always be controversy over formal nights. I have seen a change in 10 years, but nothing more than less tuxedos, less gowns- but they are still a-plenty along with cocktail dresses.  Don’t get me wrong, on some ships you still see those James Bond hot spots that make a girls head turn.

Honestly, the jist of this snippet of fashion ramblings is really just to let you folks know to consult your Travel Agent about dress suggestions on board your specific cruise line. You want an informed agent who will explain the difference between casual, country club casual, formal and elegant nights. Armed with the facts you can then start to think about what you will want to pack for your Cruise Holiday!

Never Forget September 11, 2001

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Ten years later  9/10/2011

The events of September 11, 2001 changed the lives of so many people around the world. In the years since that day, thoughtful online efforts have provided an outlet for grief, for learning and a means for healing. Virtual spaces have helped us to remember the victims and honor the courage of those who risked their lives to save others.

On this 10th anniversary, we wanted to note a few of these virtual places:

Travel Tips for Cruise Packing

If you are flying and have weight restrictions, here are some tips to make your journey a little less stressful.

If you are travelling with your spouse, pack in each others suitcase.  You most likely need 2 suit cases, but if one suit case is lost then you both still have clothing to wear.  In this event, either self-service laundry or very reasonable laundry services are available on all ships.  I find rolling your clothing eliminates wrinkles in most fabrics, but not all. Wrap those garments in dry cleaner plastic, and then roll. Lastly, you can pack a travel size of wrinkle releaser.

I am an admitted over-packer.  Truthfully, no one but you will notice if you wear 2 bathing suits all cruise, or a different one each day.  If you’re aiming to pack light, 2 swim suits for a 7 day cruise is sufficient.  When I must fly, I pack my shoes in my carry on as they are the heaviest items to pack in your checked luggage.  Yes, I need to pack a different pair of shoes for each evening outfit.  Pack your small items around the perimeter of the suit case. Make sure you pack anything sharp (scissor, knitting needles, nail clipper- you get the picture) in your luggage and not your carry on.

On sea days on Caribbean itineraries, if you enjoy the Pool Deck, you will be in a bathing suit or shorts and tee shirts, sandals/ flip flops, a cover-up.  On Port Days, if you sightsee, the most important item is a good pair of walking shoes (hats, sun glasses, water, sun screen).  Evenings for men mean long pants and collared shirts and dressy casual/casual for the ladies.  Typically Formal or Cruise Elegant evenings on board mean a suit or tuxedo for the man and cocktail dresses, gowns or fancy outfits for women.  Nice slacks and a button down and tie will work for some men for formal night, but the description truly describes casual.

Carry ons should contain all medical needs and documentation (passports). Some like to tak advantage of the open pools on deck and pack a swim suit. My family is way too busy the first day to be bothered, but it is a great tradition for many.

Do NOT forget to pack sun screen protection, a hat or sun visor, and a remedy “just in case”! I also suggest packing other remedies like for Sea Sickness, also- “just in case”. We have found natural ginger pills to work the best, but there are many available; sea bands work on pressure points and bonnie can be purchased in any major drug store. Don’t wait to find out the cruise ship medical is already out of sea sickness remedy.  Stomach remedies are smart to pack as well. And, DO NOT forget a good pair of sun glasses, for you and your children.

Lastly, If you take your Smart Phone, download a flashlight first, it could come in handy in the middle of the night.   No need to pack that extra weight of a flashlight anymore!

With 1,000s of items you can pack and different methods, consider this a snippet of information today! 

Royal Caribbean to Compensate Stranded San Juan Passengers


August 21, 2011 will be a day many hopeful Royal Caribbean International Serenade of the Seas passengers will not forget. Over 100 passengers were left stranded in San Juan, when port officials deemed it necessary for Serenade to leave the port 3 hours earlier then scheduled. The threat of Hurricane Irene was a serious safety issue.

After mayhem broke out online about the stranded passengers not being compensated, RCI announced today that they will compensate the passengers that did arrive to the first port of call 30% of a cruise fare as a “gesture of goodwill” and will offer a separate compensation for those that missed the cruise in its entirety. [to be announced after RCI contacts the passengers]


UPDATE from :

Enchantment of the Seas – September 3 Sailing
Enchantment of the Seas is scheduled to sail out of Baltimore, Maryland, on Saturday, September 3. Labor Day Weekend, the City of Baltimore is hosting an inaugural Grand Prix event on a 2.4-mile temporary street circuit that incorporates the scenic Inner Harbor area and Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Because of this event, increased traffic volume is anticipated and street closures in the downtown area are scheduled. However, the Cruise Maryland Terminal does not anticipate any impact to the cruise operation.

We ask that guests who are scheduled to sail on Enchantment of the Seas on September 3, provide ample time to arrive at the port for boarding. The ship’s 4:00 p.m. departure will not be delayed due to the event traffic. As a reminder, all guests must be checked in and onboard the ship 60 minutes prior to sail time.

Rumor has it……

And, it is probably truth, Royal Caribbean is now allowing children in the Concierge lounges. All abuzz from message board to face book to twitter is, “Is it true? Is Royal allowing “kids” in the “CL”? Well, the dish across the web is, yes.

How do you feel about children being allowed into the Concierge Lounges on RCI cruise ships? What will happen to the adult-only evening venue?

A Hurricane Expected here in the Northeast?

Prepare for the Worst, hope for the Best.

Current Talk of Twitter…. Advice for Everyone, Especially Those of US in the NorthEast Preparing for Hurricane Irene. something we’re not accustomed to.

Know how to use your Social Media I.C.E (In Case of Emergency)

Is your #Smartphone set up with your social media apps? #HurricaneIrene Get Prepared.

I.C.E. In Case of Emergency #NJ Get it in your smart phones! #Hurricaneirene


How to UNPLUG on your Vacation

We spend our days in an “immediate gratification” lifestyle. We check our smart phones when we’re away from our computers and we document our moves by “checking in”. There is an almost unspoken expectation of “availability”, and the people you’re communicating with will, no doubt get right back to you.

But, taking a vacation for many has one specific purpose; to get away and unwind without the responsibility of the office and work. You can completely unplug if you do a few things. Let those who report to you or those you report to know that you will be unreachable and you are not going on a stay-cation. Tell them you will be “turning it all off” (Only you need to know you’re too attached to your iPhone to leave it behind). If the people who rely on you or those you rely on know you can not be reached, they will be prepared. Remember, the office will not fall to pieces while you are on your holiday away. If you really want an experience, turn off your smart phones, power down your laptop and leave it behind!

If you can not completely go old-school, then schedule a specific and desired amount of time that you will be available to answer emails or conference call, on your terms. And, limit the time!

Theme Cruises, Are they for you?

Have you heard about them? Theme cruises? You can embark on a journey with 100s of other Scrap Bookers. Are you a Rick Springfield fan? You can cruise with him too. Knitters unite! Red Hat Ladies, the ship is yours. Just imagine it!

How do you feel about a Mediterranean cruise with a Food Network host? You can join Chef Anne Burrell on board Celebrity Silhouette this fall. Sail Date: October 22, 2011. Sail with Donny & Marie in 2012 on MSC Poesia from Florida.

If you are a GROUP and you would like to travel with a group of like-minded people, whatever it may be, from crafting to gardening to wine tasting, arts to antique seminars, just imagine it!

If you have a passion. If you are a SINGLE cruiser, then a theme cruise might be just the perfect cruise for you.