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From LiveLeak – Costa Concordia – passenger evacuation – Italian Ship Disaster January 2012  –

A HERO – Hours after the Costa Concordia’s captain had abandoned ship, and after helping dozens of passengers to safety, Carlos Garrone stripped off his clothes and plunged into the freezing waters off Giglio island and rescued a drowning fellow crew member.



What Cruisers from Around the Web are Saying

About Costa Concordia

[January 28th, 17th victim found, on submerged 6th deck of Concordia]

January 28th, 2012, 2+ weeks after the horrific tragedy of Costa Crociere’s Concordia capsizing, the death toll rising, this is what seasoned cruisers from around the web have been saying:

Wendy: This story is so sad. They really didn’t have much time at all to get into the lifeboats.

Bonnie: SO terrible – my heart goes out to all involved & affected. This is why I never complain about doing lifeboat drills 🙁

Steve:  I just don’t know if Costa can make it through this.  This is such a tragedy that I only hope the Italian Coast Guard does a true and complete investigation and the words ‘cover up’ are not spoken.

Paul: three buildings collapsed in Rio de Janeiro killing 17 people with another 20 missing. Anybody happen to notice the tiny article in the paper.

Sonya: Carnival will have to ride out the storm the best they can. This did not stop me from booking my short cruise with Carnival this summer.

Bryce:  I’d take a cruise on the seas any day, I’d rather a ship than fly. After Concordia every cruise line will take steps so that a catastrophe of such size can never happen again.

Rob: Let’s see a graph of car crashes and how many people are still afraid to get in their car! People need to be a little bit more informed and a little less influenced by the media!

Carla: Planes crash too, and I think of it every time I have to fly. I was scared on a cruise once, but I’m still here and I keep on cruising!




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Costa Concordia

We wish all the passengers and crew affected by the tragedy and demise of Italian Cruise Ship, Costa Concordia our most heartfelt prayers and sympathy. A tragedy that, in 2012 should never have happened.

Cruise from Manhattan & Brooklyn Cruise Ports – Immerse Yourself in NYC Culture

New York Cruising *One of the TOP 5 Cruise Ports in the U.S.”

It began in the 1930’s at the Manhattan Cruise Terminal – originally called, “Passenger Ship Terminal” and continues to remain the primary cruise port for trans-Atlantic crossings from Europe.  Cunard, Princess, Norwegian & Carnival cruise lines name just a few lines that sail out of New York.  From Pier 84 – Pier 94, Ocean Liners came and docked. The stretch of piers became known as “Luxury Liner Row”.

SS Normandie called upon NY in 1935, followed by Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth. In the 1960’s the resurgence of cruising and popularity of Bermuda became evident.  In the 70’s the Manhattan Cruise Terminal underwent renovations leading it to continue on its historical role as a passenger cruise terminal.

Not only do cruise ships sail out of NYC, making it very convenient for north east travelers, but there are many cruise lines that call on the city of Manhattan as well– NY is an integral port of call for more than a dozen cruise lines.  Area attractions in Manhattan draw many.  From world-class cuisine to food trucks (street vendors) passengers will find some of the finest fare in the world in NY. Looking for culture and Night life, look no further.  Are you a Museum aficionado, you will find many to suit your eye!

Always want to go to a Broadway Show, maybe a Musical, or how about a visit to Strawberry Fields in Central Park? A nearby stop in Chinatown or Little Italy for an authentic feel of downtown Manhattan?

Come Visit Brooklyn, NY you will be amazed!

So, in plain words – [some] Cruise ships GOT TOO BIG for NYC! Onward to Brooklyn, NY – You will love what Brooklyn has to offer.

Brooklyn is derived from the Dutch word for broken land, Breukelen. By 1860 Brooklyn was an international industrial center and was the third largest city in the United States of America.  Brooklyn is the leading icon of the American city [today]. From Brownstones to Mansions, 100s of houses of worship and the many different ethnic neighborhoods to sample authentic fare-the eateries will delight; there is something for everyone to fall in love with in Brooklyn, New York. Tour Park Slope, there are many walking tours to chose from.

Immerse yourself in Brooklyn, your heart will take over from there!  Peek here:   Stage your Wedding at The Brooklyn Botanical Garden for one of the most beautiful, unique and amazing weddings ever. Visit parks, beaches and famous amusement parks- a visit to Coney Island amusement park can fulfill much of your NY Bucket list- and you too can say you have been to the home of Nathans!

 A Cruise from or to New York will promise to be one of your MOST memorable! 

The Top WHY’S to Book a Cruise

Is Cruising For YOU?

Cruising is for everyone. The old-world charm and grandeur of ocean liners lead many to have a skewed view of what a modern cruise will be. Cruising the vast ocean in high style when ladies wore their finest still exists, but as soon as you step foot onto a cruise ship these days, the choice is yours. Whether you go high style and formal and relive the bygone era that my Grand Parents lived or you toss the gowns and baubles overboard for the duration of your vacation. Cruise lines offer passengers everything. If you’re not feeling the main dining room, check out the buffets and room service for a casual evening at your own pace.

Here I tell you the Top “WHY’S”;

Why a Cruise is the best choice of travel.

Unpack once. We classify this under “Luxury”. You might not realize it until you experience it but there is nothing more appreciated when travelling from place to place to only have to unpack one time! Ahhh, “Luxury”, even for the un-spoiled.

  • Lose the hassle of living out of your tiny 24×15 case and hailing taxi transportation as you effort to go from place to place- city to city or plane hop island to Caribbean Island. Sounds tiring, doesn’t it? It is tiring and you often wonder why you need a vacation from your vacation. Cruising allows you a wonderful nightlife on board as your cruise ship takes you to your next port of call. The simplicity of cruising allows the passenger to visit multiple places without the hassles or arranging transportation to and from each place you visit.
  •  Cruising is a wonderful value for your dollar. Both the budget-minded and luxury traveler have ample choices of stateroom. Inside staterooms suit some, where suites and staterooms with balconies suit others. Cruise lines are even getting savvy to the SOLO Traveler and single accommodations are emerging. Included in your Cruise Fare- deliciously prepared Food, Top notch Entertainment you might not be able to afford at home, and transportation to each island. Alcohol, soda packages, Internet, professional pictures, specialty restaurants and excursions are an additional cost if you have interest there. Then, of course there are Luxury Cruise Lines that offer all-inclusive which typically will include your Lattes, alcohol and even sparkling water.
  • Ports of Call, Yeah! Where can you go to sleep in one country and wake up in another? ‘Nuff said! Imagine yourself trekking around and visiting ancient ruins like El Morro one day and the next waking up to a NEW port of call to go snorkeling while visiting the perfect white sand beach and top reef’s! It just can’t be done at a land based resort or all inclusive. Cruising…..there is a mystique about it, AI’s cannot compete.
  • Downtime. You create your holiday away on a Cruise. Do as much or as little as you want. Bingo, no bingo. Learn how to napkin fold, or not. There is usually a  fun Scavenger hunt, is this for you? Or, as CruiseDivaNJ likes to do, find the perfect lounge chair for your day at Sea and R E L A X, before that SPA appointment.
  • Kids Clubs & activities– and don’t forget the kids! Not only are there kids clubs, but that Rock Wall is not just for the adults.

How many more WHY’S do you need to book your Cruise holiday?

Cruising & Travelling With Little Ones

Travelling with little ones? 

When do you travel abroad with babies and toddlers?  Is seeing London and seeing France, going to Castles in Ireland and ruins in Greece memorable for little ones? Is packing and unpacking (diapers come to mind, as well as stuff to occupy baby/toddler) on your journey tiresome?

I have two feelings; the first is that any time spent showing your little ones knew things is awesome, but when do children have a genuine understanding and appreciation for history, culture, architecture and travelling the world? When does it make sense, for you?

I also have the belief that true desire to travel to these places should be from within, from things learned and books read and with heightening excitement, so it will be a learning experience and be enjoyed and remembered.  A time only you as a parent will know, a time when your child can help “plan” the journey with you and be an integral part- when they can read some things about your destination, understand them and show excitement.  Can they appreciate Mondsee, Austria where the cloister church was used for the site of the wedding in The Sound of Music? [at the very least, can they watch a movie like the Sound of Music and “relate” to it on your journey?] Maybe for your child it is 6 or 8 years old, maybe for others it is much older.
We didn’t travel to far off exotic places when my children were young but we took this time in their young lives to take trips that would appeal more to what their age was at the time.  A weekend at Sesame Place in Pennsylvania seemed apropos at a year and two years old. Being from the northeast, longer trips included places like Montauk and the Hamptons, Virginia/Washington, DC, Upstate NY,  the Pennsylvania Dutch area, Disney World and Florida beaches, and Myrtle Beach just to name a few.  By the time my children were in their teens they had also been to at least 15 Caribbean islands, Bermuda a few times and Puerto Rico. Needless to say they love to Cruise and love learning about the culture on the different islands- through the people on the islands.

When older children are asked about their family vacations from when they were under 5 years old they recall and reply from pictures and stories they have seen and heard through their developing years. When asked specifics about a particular holiday away they can reply with events that impacted them; like they remembered “being sick” or they remember the “big airplane” or the lady who gave them a “sweet treat”.

Cruising is a wonderful Holiday away for every age.  A huge Ship will never be just a memory from stories and pictures. The kids clubs on board most cruise lines offer activities to delight every age.  Excursions tailored and can be age appropriate.  Ask us for the deets on a specific cruiseline kids club and we’ll get the info back atcha’! For you it might be DISNEY Cruise Line, or maybe Royal Caribbean Oasis/Allure with 28,000 square feet dedicated to children and teens (ages 6 months to 11) and a Teen club up to 17. Whatever your needs, Windsor Crown Travel will find you a cruise to fit all your expectations!

A Cruise Holiday will be the greatest holiday away memory for your entire family!

Planning is half the fun! Contact us today!