Fun Holiday Camera Gadgets for Travel Anywhere

Calling all Geeks with the MUST HAVE GIMMIES

Get Your Christmas and Holiday List to Santa.

Have You Heard: Start up company Lytro introduces a new way to take pictures. Technology that will change the way you take pictures. 8GB in Graphite or Electric Blue sells at $399 (350 pictures) and a 16GB available in RED HOT sells for $499 (750 pictures).

We are also very intrigued by the [patent pending] Throwball Panoramic Ball Camera. I would stay informed for this one!

The Top WHY’S to Book a Cruise

Is Cruising For YOU?

Cruising is for everyone. The old-world charm and grandeur of ocean liners lead many to have a skewed view of what a modern cruise will be. Cruising the vast ocean in high style when ladies wore their finest still exists, but as soon as you step foot onto a cruise ship these days, the choice is yours. Whether you go high style and formal and relive the bygone era that my Grand Parents lived or you toss the gowns and baubles overboard for the duration of your vacation. Cruise lines offer passengers everything. If you’re not feeling the main dining room, check out the buffets and room service for a casual evening at your own pace.

Here I tell you the Top “WHY’S”;

Why a Cruise is the best choice of travel.

Unpack once. We classify this under “Luxury”. You might not realize it until you experience it but there is nothing more appreciated when travelling from place to place to only have to unpack one time! Ahhh, “Luxury”, even for the un-spoiled.

  • Lose the hassle of living out of your tiny 24×15 case and hailing taxi transportation as you effort to go from place to place- city to city or plane hop island to Caribbean Island. Sounds tiring, doesn’t it? It is tiring and you often wonder why you need a vacation from your vacation. Cruising allows you a wonderful nightlife on board as your cruise ship takes you to your next port of call. The simplicity of cruising allows the passenger to visit multiple places without the hassles or arranging transportation to and from each place you visit.
  •  Cruising is a wonderful value for your dollar. Both the budget-minded and luxury traveler have ample choices of stateroom. Inside staterooms suit some, where suites and staterooms with balconies suit others. Cruise lines are even getting savvy to the SOLO Traveler and single accommodations are emerging. Included in your Cruise Fare- deliciously prepared Food, Top notch Entertainment you might not be able to afford at home, and transportation to each island. Alcohol, soda packages, Internet, professional pictures, specialty restaurants and excursions are an additional cost if you have interest there. Then, of course there are Luxury Cruise Lines that offer all-inclusive which typically will include your Lattes, alcohol and even sparkling water.
  • Ports of Call, Yeah! Where can you go to sleep in one country and wake up in another? ‘Nuff said! Imagine yourself trekking around and visiting ancient ruins like El Morro one day and the next waking up to a NEW port of call to go snorkeling while visiting the perfect white sand beach and top reef’s! It just can’t be done at a land based resort or all inclusive. Cruising…..there is a mystique about it, AI’s cannot compete.
  • Downtime. You create your holiday away on a Cruise. Do as much or as little as you want. Bingo, no bingo. Learn how to napkin fold, or not. There is usually a  fun Scavenger hunt, is this for you? Or, as CruiseDivaNJ likes to do, find the perfect lounge chair for your day at Sea and R E L A X, before that SPA appointment.
  • Kids Clubs & activities– and don’t forget the kids! Not only are there kids clubs, but that Rock Wall is not just for the adults.

How many more WHY’S do you need to book your Cruise holiday?

Upgrades to Radiance of the Seas

Dining Spiced Up!

Dining on board Royal Caribbeans Radiance of the Seas affords the cruise passenger a lot more variety & options. Now more like Oasis and Allure in a mini version.

Options on board Radiance of the Seas, include, Asian Izumi; expect sashimi sushi and for those that prefer their food “cooked” there is a nice array of hot rocks…

Ritas…mexican. A happy place…

Dog House on Deck 11, popular w. families.

Chefs table…gives the passenger an opportunity to interact with the chefs table mgr…

Samba is most popular being on deck 12 with excellent scenery…

Giovannis Table… described as an Italian Trattoria, sure to be a hit with all.

Check out this video:

NCL Sky – You Need Sushi Too


I love Sushi and Sashimi, there is NO denying it. I am a happily admitted Sushi-Snob.  I eat Sushi at least once a week at our local Sushi restaurant, they obviously greet us by name and customize our orders.

Highlights of the making of a Sushi Snob.  

I started off slow. I would meet my husband for lunch here in Princeton and we would get take out. Something like typical and plain California rolls. And, it grew into an obsession. So long ago,probably a decade back.  Sometimes I would look at the specialty area in the local supermarket and I would watch the sushi rolls being rolled, I knew this was not for me. I must have my white seaweed or soy paper.  I must be confident in the chef that handles my fish. We must become good friends.  I will learn where he was trained and where they obtain their fish from. Very shortly thereafter we noticed a small place open locally. We investigated. We interviewed. We took a leap. A decade later I call them my “sushi-family”.

The wait for some real, quality, GOOD “On-Board” Sushi for us was long. We would NEED to have a special sushi-dinner the night before we embarked on every Cruise, as we knew there would not be acceptable sushi [only buffet] on board. For us, although it might have been available on cruise lines we didn’t sail on, but I would doubt that 10 years ago other lines offered quality sashimi, it then it turned up on Royal Caribbean’s Voyager-Class ships.  We just could not bring ourselves to eating Buffet Sushi, although I admit to sending my husband to get some for an appetizer while I was in our stateroom getting ready for dinner so we could try it.  Okay, so we tried it and declined to do it ever again. For us, there were much better calories to be had on board. We did find that Carnival Miracle provided a fairly decent array, rolled as you waited- but this barely sufficed in holding us over until we returned home either.  I would pick at it and although visually appealing, that is all it was. A trick to the palette through ones eye.

When we booked RCI’s Oasis of the Seas, I was very happy to read such wonderful reviews on IZUMI, Royal Caribbeans first Japanese Specialty Restaurant (w/ sashimi).  Not a “kiosk” called “Jade” in the middle of a buffet, or a Japanese restaurant sans the Sushi, but a Japanese that will have and serve appropriately, “RAW FISH”. I couldn’t wait.

This excited me more than the Zip Line on Oasis or the Carousel or COACH™.  Once we boarded we headed straight to Izumi to speak to the Maitre D. We confirmed our reservation and we asked if they had either white seaweed or soy paper to make our Sushi rolls with.  They were quick and eager to accommodate our request and we were assured our Sushi would be prepared the way we asked.  SCORE! I would quickly recommend Izumi on Oasis of the Seas.

Norwegian Cruiseline just announced that September 16th through October 5th, 2011 a newer Sushi menu [almost] Fleetwide, excluding NCL Sky will be rolled out.  [already realeased on EPIC]

Ten NCL ships will have a new option- “Ala carte sushi”- averaging $4.00/item.  More FREESTYLE Benefits allowing you to customize your meal.  Appetizers like edamame, miso and seaweed salad will be options. Additionally, on sea days and embarkations days Lunch will now be offerred.  Yellow fin and Blue fin are a favorite of mine as well as white tuna.  I hope they offer these! Other members of my family like salmon. I do hope when we sail on NCL that they can accommodate our sushi snobbery and offer white seaweed or soy paper!  I will be there EVERY day they are opened. 

The Fashion Buzz on Cruisewear

Whats the Fashion Buzz about?

#NYFW (NY Fashion Week) is still trending, but now that NY Fashion Week is over, and FNO (Fashion Night Out) is behind us, is reporting.

Google “Dolce & Gabbana Tux”, the trends are heading back towards glamorous. Fancy.  Dressed up.

Talk on the streets is glitter, gold, glam. Lots of bold color and mod prints mixing it up. Lots of decoration and lots of baubles.  Add the belt and mix up the patterns. Everything your mother told you that you can not wear…….now YOU CAN.

How will this affect the ever changing and archaic to some, Formal Nights on board many cruise ships?

I don’t think it will have any effect. Those who like to get dressed up and show off their fancy-wear, still will. And, those who rather go laid-back will continue to do just that.

Oh the controversy! And, yes there will always be controversy over formal nights. I have seen a change in 10 years, but nothing more than less tuxedos, less gowns- but they are still a-plenty along with cocktail dresses.  Don’t get me wrong, on some ships you still see those James Bond hot spots that make a girls head turn.

Honestly, the jist of this snippet of fashion ramblings is really just to let you folks know to consult your Travel Agent about dress suggestions on board your specific cruise line. You want an informed agent who will explain the difference between casual, country club casual, formal and elegant nights. Armed with the facts you can then start to think about what you will want to pack for your Cruise Holiday!

Never Forget September 11, 2001

Please Visit The Official Google Blog

Ten years later  9/10/2011

The events of September 11, 2001 changed the lives of so many people around the world. In the years since that day, thoughtful online efforts have provided an outlet for grief, for learning and a means for healing. Virtual spaces have helped us to remember the victims and honor the courage of those who risked their lives to save others.

On this 10th anniversary, we wanted to note a few of these virtual places:

Rumor has it……

And, it is probably truth, Royal Caribbean is now allowing children in the Concierge lounges. All abuzz from message board to face book to twitter is, “Is it true? Is Royal allowing “kids” in the “CL”? Well, the dish across the web is, yes.

How do you feel about children being allowed into the Concierge Lounges on RCI cruise ships? What will happen to the adult-only evening venue?

A Hurricane Expected here in the Northeast?

Prepare for the Worst, hope for the Best.

Current Talk of Twitter…. Advice for Everyone, Especially Those of US in the NorthEast Preparing for Hurricane Irene. something we’re not accustomed to.

Know how to use your Social Media I.C.E (In Case of Emergency)

Is your #Smartphone set up with your social media apps? #HurricaneIrene Get Prepared.

I.C.E. In Case of Emergency #NJ Get it in your smart phones! #Hurricaneirene


How to UNPLUG on your Vacation

We spend our days in an “immediate gratification” lifestyle. We check our smart phones when we’re away from our computers and we document our moves by “checking in”. There is an almost unspoken expectation of “availability”, and the people you’re communicating with will, no doubt get right back to you.

But, taking a vacation for many has one specific purpose; to get away and unwind without the responsibility of the office and work. You can completely unplug if you do a few things. Let those who report to you or those you report to know that you will be unreachable and you are not going on a stay-cation. Tell them you will be “turning it all off” (Only you need to know you’re too attached to your iPhone to leave it behind). If the people who rely on you or those you rely on know you can not be reached, they will be prepared. Remember, the office will not fall to pieces while you are on your holiday away. If you really want an experience, turn off your smart phones, power down your laptop and leave it behind!

If you can not completely go old-school, then schedule a specific and desired amount of time that you will be available to answer emails or conference call, on your terms. And, limit the time!