• Who is Windsor Crown Travel & CruiseDivaNJ? •

 Back in the flower power days of the late 1960’s and the 1970’s, as a little girl, I would often accompany my parents to see my Grandparents off on their Cruise Holiday.

Lucky to grow up in NY, going to the Manhattan Cruise Terminal was a fun day trip in the eyes of a little girl. To say the Bon Voyage parties were memorable is an understatement. I vividly remember lots of Champagne, little sandwiches and pastries. Ladies were dressed in their finest and I remember lots of fur. Everyone was welcomed aboard to see off their family and friends before the ship sailed away into the NY harbor and beyond. At the time, the Oceanic (Home Lines: 1965-1986) seemed like a big, beautiful Ship and being on this fancy Ocean Liner felt very glamorous. Fast forward to 1987, being young newlyweds, we decide a trip to Bermuda on a cruise ship would be fun and adventurous. Little did I know this would lead to a passion. I also didn’t know this cruise to Bermuda would be the first of many.  Here we are on our first cruise to Bermuda.

My Passion for the ocean grew as a young child. Growing up, I could go in three different directions and each could lead me to a beach and the ocean (Manhattan Beach, Rockaway Beach, Jones Beach, Coney Island and Brighton just to name a few). I can easily recall the sting of my first sun burns and I can close my eyes and vividly remember the sights, sounds and smells of, the beach and the ocean.

Windsor Crown Travel evolved out of my passion for Cruising, travel and helping people in the various past industries I was in. I was educated in the medical field, designed children’s apparel under my own label, have been part of the social media revolution since the inception of compuserve (early 90s) and I am proud to say I co-hosted the first Princeton Tweet-up with much success. As a Realtor, I learned service and client dedication is first and foremost to me and communication is key. Whether it be that first dream home [when I was selling real estate] or that DREAM CRUISE HOLIDAY, I am committed to making my clients happy.                                                                                                         Happy Clients = referrals of friends, neighbors and their family.  This is what has propelled my business.

We are long gone from the Flower Power days of the swinging 60s and the mod 70s and Cruising has greatly changed since that first time I stepped onto an Ocean Liner. Whether you are seeking an Ocean Cruise to the Exotic Caribbean, or a River Cruise along the Rhine,  I will be committed to helping you find you the perfect DREAM CRUISE suited just for you.


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  1. Stacey……we live parallel lives! I felt like you were telling my story!!!! When I was a little girl, my parents would take us to see my grandparents off on their cruise (they sailed on the Queen Mary) and I recall the champagne and the snacks, etc., too!!!! I was freaking out reading your story! Back in those days, they actually let you on the ship for the Bon Voyage parties! I can remember being in my grandparents cabin (all of us squeezing in) and thinking how tiny the room was!!! I was so little at the time; maybe 6??? We lived in Brooklyn at the time, so, it was easy for us to head down and see them off on their cruises!!!!! And here I am today…………A total cruise addict!!!!!! I wish you the best of luck in all you endeavor!!!!!!

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