Defacing Cruise Ships, a New Low

Defaced Cruise Ship Property.  As seen on Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas. Is there any explanation? To see how people have such disregard and disrespect is astonishing. Leaves me speechless writing this blog post, really. Why are we seeing this? Why is this happening? Are your children that bored? Are they on their own vacation without you parent? There is a high probability that some adult drunkenness could also play a part!  For the newbie parents though, here is a little advice from experience,  before you board your next cruise ship with your children, have a talk with them. Let them know what to expect, and tell them what you expect of them. Public spaces are not your kids playground. They shouldn’t play in elevators, leave food in elevators push elevator buttons, this is generally viewed as disrespectful. They absolutely should never, ever violate and deface any property of the ship. Know what your kids are up to. Set boundaries, set times to check in, ensure they know to not walk alone, leave notes for one another if need be. And, if it is grown humans that get drunk and deface the Ship’s property, that’s really sad folks. Learn some respect.

Please keep this from happening. No one should be carving the artwork on board a cruise ship!