Down Sizing Your Luggage When You’re A Happy Over-Packer

I’m not going to tell you how to downsize your packing. I’m not going to criticize you if you are an over packer either. I say, overpackers unite!

Uh huh, there are many youtubers blogging about packing skills and how to ‘get all this in there’ and they do prove to be enlightening and informative.  And, let’s admit it, most of them are quite entertaining too! While some things I have read just made me laugh out loud, like wearing extra clothing so you don’t have to pack them and fret that your luggage will be overweight. Well, I’m not going to wear extra socks or undies or tie a pair of leggings around my waist. Nope! It is not going to happen here!

We are recently back from an 11 night cruise with a pre and post stay in Florida before we cruised out on Royal Caribbean’s Legend of the Seas. We did pay for one extra piece of luggage on our flights.  Now that we have returned, we gathered the family, including my Mother to watch pictures from the cruise. I know. Doesn’t that sound kind of strange, to watch pictures?  We huddle on the couches in the living room, and on the big screen we play our photos.  Oh! My Mother.  And we both start laughing! She was very quick to pick up on how many times I wore a particular top. This was very funny! And, she was just as quick to let me know how many times I wore that particular top.

ALERT! I do believe this means that I can learn how to pack just a tad lighter. Hmmm, let me think back, “Did I even wear everything I brought with me?” And, as the saying goes, “a pictures is worth a thousand words”.  I know that I saw the proof! Yes, that was me who wore that top more than once. I know it! This means I should give packing-just-a-little-bit-less a try!

Fast Forward Update. When you downsize the size of your luggage, you pack less and still have everything you need. And, that top that you wore more than once, looked fabulous each time!