Frantic Friend Friday!

Frantic Friend: Why is there only 6 interior cabins showing available on RCI’s web site for a March 2013 cruise I am looking to book?

CDNJ: you will not be able to see all cabin availability on the cruise lines sites.

Frantic Friend: But, I have been looking every day & the same cabins remain, why is there only 6 cabins showing?

CDNJ: I’m showing many more than you as a consumer can see, I will look for you.


CDNJ: There are many explanations, but let me look for you and put you out of your search-misery!

Frantic Friend: I need to do this research and give my boyfriend the deets, can you send us both whats available for the week we can cruise?

CDNJ: Of course! give me a day or two to look into the choices you gave me and I will email you and your boyfriend information on your next cruise!

CDNJ: **REMEMBER, cruise line quotes can change. Book early. We will honor all fare reductions. If you find one, call us and we will telephone the cruise line to ensure it is a valid reduction in your fare and have the cruise line adjust appropriately. the price we quote you is subject to change by the cruise line.

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