Holland America, A Chocolate Lover’s Dream

Do you dream-in-chocolate? Then a Holland America Cruise might be just the Cruise that you are looking for!

Let’s go back in time. Cruise time that is. Warm recollection reminds us of late night buffets when passengers quietly walked through the glistening ice sculptures and beautiful displays of food artisans creations to snap photos of the beauty created in the ship galley just for their guests. Then at midnight, passengers would eat. After some time, most cruise lines lost the Grand Gala of mid night buffets. Some hints of chocolate buffets on cruise lines remained, but they were small and noone made a frenzy over them anymore.

Fast forward, Holland America is bringing it back at full steam ahead! Unlike ever seen before, Holland America will have “parades of chocolate”, where after dinner, waiters will walk around with trays of mini tantalizing chocolate delectables. Ahhh. No more will you stand on lines to find your favorite confection. Currently on all ships, fleet wide. We LOVE this concept! We think you will too!