Muster Drill, What’s that?

Let’s talk a little bit about safety.

Muster drill is a “mandatory for all persons onboard” safety drill.  There is nothing terribly wrong or long about it, so don’t fret it.  The best part is that you no longer need to carry your life vest to your muster station! Have your ship card in hand because you will need to check in and be marked off a master list that you are in attendance.

The safety drill takes place before sail away, and will show passengers things like how to operate your life vest, and where to find them. You will see where the light is located on your inflatable vest, where the tube is to blow into to inflate, and how to put it on and tie it around your waist and secure it.  Demonstrated will also be the emergency alarm system sounds or sirens you will want to know if there is an emergency situation. Your “Muster Station” location will be on your ship card (some cruise lines, like Princess Medallions have trackable fobs in lieu of cards). Did you know, in emergency situations if an area becomes dark look down for the lighting along the walls, or side of floor to guide you.

Certain things will get you in trouble. Smoking let’s say. Smoke in designated areas only or you risk a huge fine, or being put off the ship. Muster Drill will enforce this. There is no smoking in staterooms. Also, do NOT throw anything overboard. The sea is a beautiful place, keep it that way.

In case you are now asking,”what is a muster station”? This is the area where you will assemble in case of emergency.  Many muster stations were out on public passenger decks, like the promenade deck, but in recent years many are now indoors in the various onboard venues. Some indoor venues, ie: dining rooms, have movie screens and are showing muster-drill-movies made to keep passengers attention during the safety drill.

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