Oh No! Post Cruise Blues? What to do?

Surviving Post Cruise Blues 101

Okay. Many cruisers suffer those Post Cruise Blues! But, what to do about it? Here I list the 6 Best Things to do to combat the post cruise blues. 

#1. There is camaraderie out there. A Community. Check out my cruise groups to stay connected with other cruisers. Discuss past cruises, future cruisers and share your excitement for cruising.

#2. Download your photos to your computer if you use one, or your iPad. Organize them, tag them, and yes, look at them over and over. Techy maybe? Make a video clip.

#3. Begin research for your next cruise. This is a MUST. Where ever you want to begin! Maybe for you it is a specific place you want to see. Or, maybe it is a new ship you want to sail on. Maybe you have a celebration coming that you want to book a cruise for. Celebrating is always a good thing!

#4. Photo Books. There are a few web sites, like Shutterfly where you can create memorable photo books. Another great way to share your cruise passion with friends & family. A great coffee table book of your cruise adventures will always help your Post Cruise Blues!

#5. Share your cruise-experiences with us, your cruise community! Link to us here—->

www.celebritycaptainsclub.com and  www.royalcaribbeancrownandanchorsociety.com 

Use hashtag #cruisedivanjtravels to navigate to my public social media!    Write us a review. Post it on our social media channels.

#6. Party. Whether just you and your significant other or a group of cruise friends, have a cruise – house – party! You may want to feature a “Drink Of The Day”, or repeat a menu from on board! Whatever it is, invite your friends, have fun decorating and planning your menu!

**If you have other suggestions, please leave a comment or email us!  #cruisedivanjtravels – combined 17,900 cruise members strong.