Pick & Choose, Just Enjoy Your Cruise! ~CruiseDivaNJ

What to Pack – Things To Do – A List From Here to Your Next Port of Call!!


Before you Leave: Unplug electrical appliances (computers, microwaves, TVs, etc)
Arrange for Pet care & plant care
Stop the mail and newspaper 
Use timers to make the house looked lived in (lights, radio if in densely populated area)
Lock windows, doors and garage
Tell your close neighbors that your leaving
Close the curtains and Blinds
Remove perishables from fridge
Empty the trash cans in the house
Empty dishwasher  
Check your spare tire and jack if travelling a distance to port  -Check oil level coolant and tire pressure &  fill windshield fluid
Pack a First Aid kit
Shut house water in winter if freezing is expected
Pack a shovel in your trunk if you are embarking from a cold weather winter port- if your car is snowed in upon your return, you can shovel it out.
Dont Forget The Basics: 
Your Cruise Confirmation- Either Printed or Easily Accessible on YOUR SMARTPHONE! 
NEVER Leave Home WITHOUT a COPY of your Cruise Confirmation (paid in Full).
 Cruise tickets
Flight tickets
Hotel confirmations
Health Insurance Card
Luggage Tags for Cruise (tape)
Drivers License & additional ID Passports
Cell phone & charger
Download Maps of your ports of call to your Smart Phone
Money belt if necessary – Wallet with cash
Backpack/ Daypack/ or Tote bag
Credit Cards (call card company to let them know you are travelling)
Emergency contact info
Underwater camera
Extra memory cards I
iPOD & headphones extra batteries
Holiday Stuff- Cabin and Door Decorations 
Her stuff 
 Bras Panties
Jacket & sweatshirt or not
Nightgowns/PJ’s & loungewear
Shoes Sandals Sneakers Socks Pool shoes Evening shoes
Bathing suits Cover-ups
Sun dresses (day)
Exercise shorts & tops
Casual shorts & skirts
Casual tops
Sun hats/visors
Pocketbook / beach bag/tote bag
Evening purses
Dressy pants and tops
Evening gowns/dresses- you probably aren’t going to pack a gown
Evening outfits
Undergarments for above
His stuff 
Underwear Socks (day/night) 
Jacket & Sweatshirt Or not
Shoes Sneakers 
Bathing suits/Board shorts
Casual Shorts Exercise shorts
Tank tops / t shirts
Casual shirts Jeans Golf /polo shirts PJ’s
Watches (day/night)
Tux or Suit or not
Dress shirts yes always
Dress slacks yes always
Dress shoes & socks 
Ties & bow ties or not
Cumberbund Vest & cuff links or not
Belts & suspenders Belt always
Personal Chapstick Deodorant Mosturizer Hair brush /comb Hair clips /curlers Hair dryer Curling iron Hair styling products Hair accessories Makeup & remover Cotton balls & Qtips Floss Ear plugs Shampoo & conditioner Toothbrush & toothpaste Perfume & cologne Skin care products Antibacterial hand cleanser Razor & blades Electric razor Shaving cream Aftershave Mouthwash 
CABIN ITEMS Nightlight or small flashlight Travel Alarm clock Extension cords Post it notes for cabin attendant or family Bungee cord Plastic over-door shoe bag Air freshener-Bath & body works 
MEDICINES Prescription meds Over the counter meds Sinus/Allergy Meds Ginger Pills (or Bonine) Tums Gas X Tylenol /Advil Vaseline Cortisone Cough drops Eye drops Sore throat spray Aloe Vera gel Sea sickness wristbands
Band aids/bacitracin 
Clorox wipes to wipe down touchable cabin surfaces (door knobs/table surfaces/ television remote/ telephone)
 Duct tape Sun Screen Bug Repellent
eReaders/Magazines/Books/Reading material
Hand held lighted mirror/TWEEZER Glasses/
SunGlasses x2
Jewelry other than what we wear on *ALWAYS Carry on your good jewelry
Business cards
Swim goggles
Zip lock bags Stain stick/ TIDE STICK
Sewing kit/scissor/razor/nail file/clipper
Swimmers ear drops Wax Ear plugs
Hair clips & ponytail bands i
iPods, iPads
Snorkel equipment TRIBORD
Rash Guard for ships with Flow Rider

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