Solo Cruising with Royal Caribbean +

Solo Cruising, Things you should know, and Tips & Tricks!

Some cruise lines like Royal Caribbean [Norwegian Cruise lines and a few others] do have solo staterooms. A stateroom meant for double occupancy booked a solo will have a single supplement (in fact, if you do sail solo you already know that in most instances you pay double, minus the taxes and fees.)
Also, always check your daily newsletter, cruise lines have single meetups.
A benefit of sailing solo is freedom. Freedom to do what you want, when you want to without having to go it on someone else’s wants. Want to sleep in and order room service breakfast? Yes, sleep in. Watch the ocean if you have a balcony. Want to wake up and go to the gym? Do it, you are bound to meet others sailing solo.
First sea day have lunch in the main dining room, ask if there is any table where other solo cruisers have been seated. If you book assigned dining for dinner and you see you are at a table for more than yourself, ask about who the other guests are if there are any.  If your table mates never show the first evening, do not wait a few days to see what happens, ask to be seated at another table with guests that show up. If the buffet suits your lifestyle, take notice if there are other dining by themselves. My buffet-tip is to make sure you have a small paperback book and one of those insulated water bottles that you brought on board with you, so you can leave these two items on a table in the buffet when dining alone. You most likely will want to get up for some more tantalizing bites, or even dessert! This ensures that you don’t need to either overload your plate (I have actually seen this suggested for solo travelers), and that your food will not end up getting cold, plus, you can go back for more. A paperback and water bottle on the table, and everyone will know you will be right back. If you are looking for a quiet dinner alone with your kindle, a ship buffet is a great option. And, don’t forget about room service if you want that quiet night alone with yourself.
Many people chose to cruise solo. Other fun ideas are things like scavenger hunts! A scavenger hunt always brings people together. More often than not there are numerous solo cruisers looking to team-up. Currently Digital Scavenger hunts can be found on many cruise lines. Try line dancing, or enter a competition. Sign up for a Wine Tasting or volunteer for a demonstration.
Keep in mind if you book a cabin meant for two, you get double points when you cruise solo (triple in a suite).
When sailing solo, you will always find a seat at all the shows, and best of all is no chair hogs and you will always find a lounge chair!!
Cheers! CruiseDivaNJ