NCL Sky – You Need Sushi Too


I love Sushi and Sashimi, there is NO denying it. I am a happily admitted Sushi-Snob.  I eat Sushi at least once a week at our local Sushi restaurant, they obviously greet us by name and customize our orders.

Highlights of the making of a Sushi Snob.  

I started off slow. I would meet my husband for lunch here in Princeton and we would get take out. Something like typical and plain California rolls. And, it grew into an obsession. So long ago,probably a decade back.  Sometimes I would look at the specialty area in the local supermarket and I would watch the sushi rolls being rolled, I knew this was not for me. I must have my white seaweed or soy paper.  I must be confident in the chef that handles my fish. We must become good friends.  I will learn where he was trained and where they obtain their fish from. Very shortly thereafter we noticed a small place open locally. We investigated. We interviewed. We took a leap. A decade later I call them my “sushi-family”.

The wait for some real, quality, GOOD “On-Board” Sushi for us was long. We would NEED to have a special sushi-dinner the night before we embarked on every Cruise, as we knew there would not be acceptable sushi [only buffet] on board. For us, although it might have been available on cruise lines we didn’t sail on, but I would doubt that 10 years ago other lines offered quality sashimi, it then it turned up on Royal Caribbean’s Voyager-Class ships.  We just could not bring ourselves to eating Buffet Sushi, although I admit to sending my husband to get some for an appetizer while I was in our stateroom getting ready for dinner so we could try it.  Okay, so we tried it and declined to do it ever again. For us, there were much better calories to be had on board. We did find that Carnival Miracle provided a fairly decent array, rolled as you waited- but this barely sufficed in holding us over until we returned home either.  I would pick at it and although visually appealing, that is all it was. A trick to the palette through ones eye.

When we booked RCI’s Oasis of the Seas, I was very happy to read such wonderful reviews on IZUMI, Royal Caribbeans first Japanese Specialty Restaurant (w/ sashimi).  Not a “kiosk” called “Jade” in the middle of a buffet, or a Japanese restaurant sans the Sushi, but a Japanese that will have and serve appropriately, “RAW FISH”. I couldn’t wait.

This excited me more than the Zip Line on Oasis or the Carousel or COACH™.  Once we boarded we headed straight to Izumi to speak to the Maitre D. We confirmed our reservation and we asked if they had either white seaweed or soy paper to make our Sushi rolls with.  They were quick and eager to accommodate our request and we were assured our Sushi would be prepared the way we asked.  SCORE! I would quickly recommend Izumi on Oasis of the Seas.

Norwegian Cruiseline just announced that September 16th through October 5th, 2011 a newer Sushi menu [almost] Fleetwide, excluding NCL Sky will be rolled out.  [already realeased on EPIC]

Ten NCL ships will have a new option- “Ala carte sushi”- averaging $4.00/item.  More FREESTYLE Benefits allowing you to customize your meal.  Appetizers like edamame, miso and seaweed salad will be options. Additionally, on sea days and embarkations days Lunch will now be offerred.  Yellow fin and Blue fin are a favorite of mine as well as white tuna.  I hope they offer these! Other members of my family like salmon. I do hope when we sail on NCL that they can accommodate our sushi snobbery and offer white seaweed or soy paper!  I will be there EVERY day they are opened.