The Fashion Buzz on Cruisewear

Whats the Fashion Buzz about?

#NYFW (NY Fashion Week) is still trending, but now that NY Fashion Week is over, and FNO (Fashion Night Out) is behind us, is reporting.

Google “Dolce & Gabbana Tux”, the trends are heading back towards glamorous. Fancy.  Dressed up.

Talk on the streets is glitter, gold, glam. Lots of bold color and mod prints mixing it up. Lots of decoration and lots of baubles.  Add the belt and mix up the patterns. Everything your mother told you that you can not wear…….now YOU CAN.

How will this affect the ever changing and archaic to some, Formal Nights on board many cruise ships?

I don’t think it will have any effect. Those who like to get dressed up and show off their fancy-wear, still will. And, those who rather go laid-back will continue to do just that.

Oh the controversy! And, yes there will always be controversy over formal nights. I have seen a change in 10 years, but nothing more than less tuxedos, less gowns- but they are still a-plenty along with cocktail dresses.  Don’t get me wrong, on some ships you still see those James Bond hot spots that make a girls head turn.

Honestly, the jist of this snippet of fashion ramblings is really just to let you folks know to consult your Travel Agent about dress suggestions on board your specific cruise line. You want an informed agent who will explain the difference between casual, country club casual, formal and elegant nights. Armed with the facts you can then start to think about what you will want to pack for your Cruise Holiday!

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