To Snorkel or Not to Snorkel?

Oh the places you’ll go! If you have ever cruised to the caribbean, you might have come across excursions to go snorkeling.  By the way, you might not believe this, but you can even snorkel in Alaska! (wetsuits supplied)


To snorkel you will need a diving mask, a breathing tube called a snorkel and you will probably want to wear fins too! Fins will help power you around the sea easier than your non-webbed feet can. If you are in cool waters you might want a wet suit. Being able to see sea life underwater is amazing. If you are a beginner, start off in shallow waters.

Move Over Diving Mask & Curvy Snorkel,                                                         ………………………………………………….there is as new kid in town.

So, what is all the hubbub about full face snorkels? In May 2014 the Huffington Post Travel section reported that Tribord, a water sports company based in France designed a new invention called an easybreath mask. Unlike the old fashioned standard gear for snorkeling where you have a mouthpiece (to deal with), and separate goggles (if not high end they usually fog), you were forced to breath through your mouth only.  Snorkels typically do not have shut off valves, you also need to blow out water from your snorkel.  As far as we know, Tribord revolutionized the full face snorkel mask.

We just recently tried out our Tribord masks in shallow water in Bermuda. We are not big time snorkelers at all. We have no experience. Neither myself or my husband enjoyed snorkeling using goggles and a snorkel with mouthpiece. Mouth breathing only just didn’t jive for us. Tribord changed the game for us non-snorkelers. 

This is a photo of what we saw in Bonaire.  Isn’t it beautiful?

While you will hear controversy from some diver’s, it is not all diver’s opinions that are anti full face mask, there are many that recommend them. Deepbluediving .org is a good resource for information. My recent research tells me that the Tribord Easybreath, the Seaview 180, and the Ocean Reef Aria are the three best full face snorkels you can buy. I suggest you read the many reviews available to you online and make the decision for yourself. You heard our story. Tribord took us from non-snorkelers to snorkelers, and seeing the marine life that lives under the sea should be on your bucket list if you never have. Experience it for yourself.