What Cruisers from Around the Web are Saying

About Costa Concordia

[January 28th, 17th victim found, on submerged 6th deck of Concordia]

January 28th, 2012, 2+ weeks after the horrific tragedy of Costa Crociere’s Concordia capsizing, the death toll rising, this is what seasoned cruisers from around the web have been saying:

Wendy: This story is so sad. They really didn’t have much time at all to get into the lifeboats.

Bonnie: SO terrible – my heart goes out to all involved & affected. This is why I never complain about doing lifeboat drills 🙁

Steve:  I just don’t know if Costa can make it through this.  This is such a tragedy that I only hope the Italian Coast Guard does a true and complete investigation and the words ‘cover up’ are not spoken.

Paul: three buildings collapsed in Rio de Janeiro killing 17 people with another 20 missing. Anybody happen to notice the tiny article in the paper.

Sonya: Carnival will have to ride out the storm the best they can. This did not stop me from booking my short cruise with Carnival this summer.

Bryce:  I’d take a cruise on the seas any day, I’d rather a ship than fly. After Concordia every cruise line will take steps so that a catastrophe of such size can never happen again.

Rob: Let’s see a graph of car crashes and how many people are still afraid to get in their car! People need to be a little bit more informed and a little less influenced by the media!

Carla: Planes crash too, and I think of it every time I have to fly. I was scared on a cruise once, but I’m still here and I keep on cruising!